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What is the Pecos Program?

THE PECOS PROGRAM is designed for public and private training in a series of modules covering evidence-based wellness interventions for the time of pre-conception, pregnancy and until 2 years of life in the human lifespan. Developed by Dr. Sergio Pecorelli, the modules are targeted for professional training and educational outreach, in practitioners and those involved in providing support and therapeutic services to the individuals in the phases of pre-conception/conception, pregnancy, early childhood parenting.

The program is based on Dr. Pecorelli’s translation of a holistic approach to the First 1000 Days and reinterpreted as a leading concept for the prevention of chronic disease, and optimization of human development. The time ranging from conception to two years of age represents the period in development with the maximum plasticity and therefore the best time to put into place key interventions for the rest of the lifespan. Equally important, and rarely talked about, is the critical phase just prior to conception, and the role that also the male gametes play in setting conditions for the management of inherited disease risk and prevention. The Pecos program is the first of its kind to offer this knowledge in a training and educational format to wider audiences.

The translational scientific knowledge is applied in the program and designed specifically to highlight the prevention of chronic diseases and optimization of development – focusing on the timeframes before conception, during pregnancy, and until 2 years of life – and the intergenerational implications for the lifespan continuum.

The Program hallmarks include:

  • The interventions targeting the relationship between the fetus/child and the surrounding environment (including family, living environment, social and community context etc…)
  • The incorporation of strategies that contribute to the intergenerational transmission of healthy lifestyles factors to lay the foundation for the optimization of a child’s future physical, cognitive and social developmental skills.
  • The innovation of health technologies that can allow a continuous monitoring of critical parameters in parents (metabolic status, weight gain during pregnancy, stunting and wasting prevalence etc.) to assess optimal conditions to conceive, nurture and grow the offspring along the different stages.
  • A game-changing perspective shift to develop more efficient care approaches and ultimately more sustainable healthcare systems with the objective of the optimization of wellness and wellbeing.

The PECOS Program’s translation of the First 1000 Days paradigm provides:

  • The application of knowledge and advanced technologies around the evidence-base the latest science surrounding disease prevention & risk interventions.

  • A holistic approach and understanding of the various stages of early interventions during the phases of

    • Preconception
    • Pregnancy
    • Birth to 2 years of life
    • Continued care througout the lifespan
    • Clinical molecular and exposome evaluation,
    • Education and empowerment,
    • Monitoring via wearables tech/devices
  • a multi-disciplinary approach

  • provides invaluable assets for development of translational tools:

    • early diagnosis/treatment of obstetrical, developmental and chronic disorders affecting children and future generations
  • a novel ground-breaking study that will collect pregnancy-related samples and data from parents and children from  before conception to about two years of life.

Who should be trained in the program, and why?

  • Doulas

  • Ob Gyn

  • Ob Gyn Nurse Practioners

  • Midwives

  • Nutritionists

  • Physician Assistants

  • Health and Wellness Coaches

  • Functional Medicine Physicians

  • Physical Therapists in Women’s Health

Training can be initiated for a variety of reasons including:

  • To “benchmark” the status of individual professional education at the most updated level
  • As part of an overall professional development program including high-end education on maternal-fetal health
  • To provide cutting-edge health consulting to organizations, patients and healthy individuals

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